In 2013, the Mendelssohn Fellowship selected two brilliant proposals from Animas Piano Trio and Classikan Ensemble. As part of the application requirement, each group was asked to submit three proposals aimed at expanding the presence of chamber music in Korea. Their project synopsia are detailed below, along with updates:


The Animas Piano Trio's tasks are twofold: one to expand chamber music education in Korea, and the other to enhance chamber music performance. The group intends to begin three educational initiatives, each targeted at different age groups, as well as three performance series aimed at different markets.

Younkyung Kim, piano
- New England Conservatory (B.M.)
- Seoul National Univ. (M.M.)
- Eastman School of Music (D.M.A.)
- Adjunct Professor at Suwon Univ.
- Teaching at Sookmyung Univ., Chongshin Univ.

Jihee Lim, violin
- Seoul National Univ. (B.M.)
- Eastman School of Music (M.M.)
- Rutgers Univ. (D.M.A.)
- Teaching at Seokyung Univ., Kyunghee Univ., Konkuk   Univ., Seoul Arts High

Sae Rom Kwon, cello
- Eastman School of Music (B.M./M.M.)
- Univ.of Cincinnati (D.M.A.)
- Adjunct Professor at Murray State Univ.
- Teaching at Kangnam Univ., Sunhwa Arts Middle/High


The Classikan Ensemble has tasked itself with beginning a music history series based on the three time period of Ludwig Van Beethoven's life. In addition, the group will enhance the presence of unknown chamber works in Korea; works by major composers that are popularly performed around the world but nearly unheard of in Korea.

Sin-kyu Lee, Viola
- Juilliard School(P.C./B.M./M.M.)
- Yonsei Univ.(D.M.A)

Hyun-jung Byeon, Violin
- Korea National Univ. of Arts(B.M./M.M.)
- a Member of 'Joy of Strings'

Go-eun Choi, Violin
- Yonsei Univ.(M.M.)
- Teaching at Busan/Dukwon/Goyang Arts High

Chan-uk Kang, Cello
- Gyungbook Univ.(B.M.)
- Dusseldorf National Univ.(Diplom)
- Teaching at Gyungbook Univ.