David Finckel has been named honoree and Artistic Director of The Mendelssohn Fellowship, a program established to identify young Korean musicians and promote chamber music in South Korea. Administered by the Seoul-based firm, Casual Classic Co., the two-year fellowship provides an artistic budget of $20,000 and is open to musicians between the ages of 18 and 33 who are dedicated to the continued expansion of professional chamber music.

"The goal of the Mendelssohn Fellowship is to see, perhaps in a decade, a Korea which is known the world over as a country where chamber music is enjoyed by all, and practiced by many," said David Finckel. "These young musicians will combine their passion with creative, entrepreneurial thinking, to work in Korean society. They will reach out to their peers, the audience of the future. And they will do it by means of performances, teaching, digital communication, and many wonderful new ideas that we are all excited to learn of. The future of classical music is in the hands of the young. It is our responsibility to encourage and guide them. They, their children, and their grandchildren, will inherit what we now create together."

David Finckel will be assisted in his role of Artistic Director by an international, multi-disciplinary Advisory Committee whose members will participate in both the selection and execution phases of the project.

The Fellowship is named after the prolific and gifted 19th century composer Felix Mendelssohn who greatly expanded the understanding and appreciation of music. It will support the efforts of a highly accomplished and motivated young Korean musician to further the art of chamber music and take advantage of the growing enthusiasm for chamber music in Korea. Application of the fellowship funds may include presenting chamber music performances, educational programs and outreach events, fees for collaborating musicians and educators, media initiatives, such as website, live streaming or distance teaching, music industry and/or educational conferences, consultation expenses, and promotional costs.

In addition to musical skill and administrative foresight, applicants will be evaluated based upon the creativity and feasibility of their proposed projects. The applicant selected to receive the fellowship will design and execute projects in consultation with Casual Classic and with the artistic oversight of David Finckel and the Advisory Committee. Casual Classic will dispense funds, monitor progress, and offer guidance as necessary.